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1. Making a Decision to Export : What are the licensing and registration requirements for exporting?

Doing any business requires one to obtain a valid trading or business licence from the city, municipality or local authority. In order to be given a licence one also needs to have an account with a commercial bank.

As for export business, there are additional procedures and documentation needed. These include filling in the shipping documents and Single Bill of Entry (SBE). These forms are obtainable from the Customs authorities.

Export licences in Tanzania are not required except for few products considered sensitive. These include wildlife products whose licences are issued by the Wildlife Department, Forestry products by the Forestry Department and fishery products under the Fishing Department.

Other traditional products that require a clearance or permit from the respective marketing boards, before they can be exported, include coffee, tea, sisal, pyrethrum, tobacco, cotton and strategic grains.


- All licences and permits are renewable on an annual basis but some items are consignment controlled, e.g. CITES certificates for wildlife products.

- Export Registration is no longer practised

- Trading/business licences are obtainable from City, Municipality or Town Authorities.

- To open an account with a commercial bank is obligatory

Products that require an export licence 

- Wildlife products               -           Wildlife Department

- Forestry products               -           Forestry Department

- Fisheries products              -           Fisheries Department

- Minerals & Precious stones -        Commissioner of minerals

Clearance / Permit from a relevant department or institution is necessary for the following:

- Coffee                         -           Tanzania Coffee Board

- Tea                              -           Tanzania Tea Board

- Pyrethrum                    -           Tanzania Pyrethrum Board

- Tobacco                       -           Tanzania Tobacco Board

- Sisal                             -           Tanzania Sisal Authority

- Cotton                          -           Tanzania Cotton Authority

- Food (Staples)              -           Stock Grain Reserve - Ministry of Agriculture

Non-traditional commodities and manufactured goods do not require export licences / permit.

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Services for New and Experienced Exporters

TANTRADE - Your link to assistance for new and experienced exporters. Tanzanian organizations offer information and services to help your company open a new global market - most of these are free or low-cost. They exist to help your company SUCCEED in the global marketplace with market knowledge, development of high-quality products and services, and detailed planning.

Ministry of Industry and Trade
Tanzania Central Freight Bureau
Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture
Bank of Tanzania
Centre for International Business Development Services
Confederation of Tanzania Industries
Economic and Social Research Foundation
Small Industries Development Organisation
Tanzania Bureau of Standards
Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
Tanzania Investment Centre
Tanganyika Farmers Association
Tanzania Tourist Board
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